We provide the following services:

  • Advanced Computer Diagnostics
  • Tune-Ups
  • Fuel Injection / Carburetion
  • Transmission/Engine Replacement
  • Brake Inspection and Replacement
  • Shocks, Struts and Suspension Component Replacement
  • Oil Change
  • Seasonal Inspections
  • Used Vehicle Inspections
  • Routine Maintenance

We Accept Cash, Check or Credit Card Payments

We also have a Referral Network of other providers in the area, who believe, like us, that the customer is of number one importance. If we are unable to assist you, we may have another local professional we can recommend, so feel free to give us a call for further information!

5 Ways to Minimize Your Auto Repair Headaches

We don’t like surprises, and we know that you don’t either.

  • We give you an estimate, which is discussed with and approved by you, prior to the repairs being performed.
  • When you pick up your vehicle, we go through the repair order with you to be sure you understand it.
  • We don’t just “change the oil” and we want you to know that. At the time of your oil change at our facility, we give you a printout of the maintenance checklist and what we found.
  • On each work order we have a section for ‘mechanic’s recommendations’ where we list recommendations for future work. This list will be in order of importance, safety items first, so you can plan future repairs into your budget.
  • We keep a copy of your repair order. If a part fails, our copy is enough to warranty any repair we’ve done that falls within the warranty period.

Laurie’s Auto is here to help you with your Automotive Repair/Maintenance needs!

” We want you to feel that you do not have to be a technician to talk to one “

~ Laurie Howard, Owner/Technician